Closet Organizer

Closet organizers are a good way to organize your closets. Adding storage can be expensive and also decreasing your house space. So, you might want to consider learn know-how to organize your closets.

closet organizer.png

First, de-cluttering. You need to go through your closet and divide things you use or you don;t use, things you want or no longer wanted, things you still wear, or don’t. You can get rid off everything that you don;t use anymore. This will save some space in your closet. You will feel better when you know you still have some space. You don;t need to throw everything, you can try to sale that at Yard sale or donate them to charity. When you are re-organizing, try to put everything in three piles. You can divided that as keep, dispose or place somewhere else.

Next, you can look at all that you want to put back. Gather than and categorized that. Like shirts, belt, dress, pants, and so on, then decide how you want to put them back in the closet. It will make you find them easier and be more organize. You can get the pre-made organizer at some hardware store to make it easier.


If you have boyfriend or husband, you may ask them to built you a shelves to organize your place. You can put items that not in a “season” in a storage bag or your containers under your bed to save up some space.  Or you can use rod pushed up so that your long dresses and such will not touch the floor. As it’s not touch the floor, then you may have some space on the floor.

Organizing your closet can also be a moneymaking situation when you can sell your things that no longer be used. Try to organize your closet now, you never know what will you find in your closets.